I'm so incredibly grateful for sharing this day with Nikki+Kyle. For me, it wasn't a day of photography - it was sharing life long memories with two special friends.

Nikki greeted me at the door surrounded by family, friends, and a little baby boy - it's up for debate on who was more enamored, him or me. The girls shared wine and memories as Nikki and her Mom slipped away. Her Mother zipped up the back of the dress, and she shared one last moment with her stunningly gorgeous daughter.

From there, we made our way to the barn, where the celebration would continue. The barn was personalized with Kyle's handcrafted furniture and topped off with delicate touches of home grown herbs. Wrapped in blankets and peeking around old beams, everyone quaintly gathered while Nikki+Kyle shared their vows.

Nikki and Kyle, I can't thank you enough for letting me be a part of your cherished day. These memories will always be held close and I look forward to creating new ones with you in the future. Enjoy your new lives together. #widdering

I also need to give a thank you to my romantic wife. She drove 6 hours, through 3 states, with 2 kids, so we could be together on our anniversary. Not only do I get to share these photo's with Nikki+Kyle, I get to share October 10th with them too.